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Bailing Him Out Was My Biggest Mistake: Hasini Murderer Dhasvanth’s Father Reveals Chilling Truth About Accused’s Past!

This is all so disturbing!

But a day later, the police arrived at their home to arrest Dhasvanth. “I initially panicked and I didn’t understand why they were taking him,” says the father. “The police showed me the CCTV footage of him carrying a big bag but he kept telling me, ‘I didn’t do it, daddy’. I wanted to believe him,” he adds.

“After advocate, Vijaykumar spoke to him, I realized that if he had killed the child, he was going to go to jail anyway. So, I didn’t see the harm in him coming out for a couple of months, before being convicted,” reasons the 51-year-old unabashedly.

But perhaps, unconvinced by this ‘explanation’ himself, he adds, “Dhasvanth would cry when his grandfather and I visited him and it broke my heart. Only if you are in my position you will understand how it feels to see a son you love in jail. I thought he will change. Yes, he had made a mistake. But I thought we could change things from there on.”

“The warning signs to indicate that something was wrong with him became apparent over a year-and-a-half ago but everything we tried to do to help him failed,” Sekhar confesses.

However, the father also admits that it was Dhasvanth’s past that made him do all the deeds:

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