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Bailing Him Out Was My Biggest Mistake: Hasini Murderer Dhasvanth’s Father Reveals Chilling Truth About Accused’s Past!

This is all so disturbing!

Instead of admonishing his son for his behaviour, Sekhar admits, he bought him a new bike. “I gave him too much love instead of punishing him,” he says. “But I treated both my sons the same way. The other one has turned out fine.” His younger son, who is 21 years old is studying in a different district.

After he got the new bike, however, Dhasvanth met with multiple accidents due to over-speeding. “We realised that he was not all right. He became more and more withdrawn. So, we took him to a psychiatrist,” claims Sekhar. “They gave him some pills and told him to come for counselling. He wouldn’t eat the pills or go for the sessions. He refused to listen to anything we said,” he adds.

So, did he blame Dhasvanth’s behaviour on his mental health?

“His addiction to betting on horse races is the root cause of these problems,” says Sekhar.

“I initially did not want him to join but he refused to listen. A lot of my relatives work there, so I told them to keep an eye on him,” says Sekhar. Soon enough, Dhasvanth began betting on horses and eventually losing money. “His greed began to increase and he wanted to make quick money. He was earning Rs. 30,000 a month, working for a company in Mylapore and perhaps spending his money on betting,” he adds.

“He took advantage of my inability to say anything to him,” says Sekhar. “My love for him is the reason for all my pain,” he says.

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