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An Open Letter to My Dearest Chennai City !

Cheers to the spirit of Chennai!


Dear Chennai,
The last few days have been tough, but the coming days are sure to be tougher. To get a city back up and running takes an immense amount of strength and resources. But in the face of adversities, Chennai and its people have proven time and again that we are backed by our community. As we have earlier seen, this time too, people volunteered, in whatever capacity they could.

These are times when we see how beneficial social media and its reach are. A lot of people put out distressed messages on twitter and Instagram asking for help. And they received help when these messages were circulated and reached the right organisation.

Chennai is a city that has withstood many trying times, but it is resilient and strong. The people of Chennai are its unbreakable spirit. We have gone through the hardest times but we will stay hopeful till our city stands back on its feet. We stand united, we stand together and we stand strong.
A special message to the families who have lost possessions, homes, and loved ones, we ask you to share your grief. While our condolences cannot bring back what and who is lost, we hope we can be of some help.

We have rebuilt this city many times before and each time we have come out stronger. The recovery might be long but we stand united. In a crisis like this, the true essence of community is seen. The compassion and selflessness that we have witnessed in the past couple of days is unmatched. Neighbors helped each other, and strangers extended a helping hand, these will never be forgotten and it reinforces our belief in humanity.

We also express our gratitude to the various search and rescue teams, relief organizations, volunteers, and emergency services who are tirelessly working towards helping out others. Working selflessly and courageously to evacuate people or get food and essentials to them, these acts of service will always be remembered.
There is loss and disappointment, but there is also kindness and empathy. Together, we have to renew and rebuild this city’s future. Step by step, one foot at a time, we strive to build a community, a spirit that won’t deter no matter what life throws at us!


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