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Savage Replies To – What Are You Wearing? Isn’t That Dress Too Small?

Comebacks for awkward situations!

And we are back with another one in the Savage series and this time it’s about the comments that people make on clothes worn by women. We have experienced it, witnessed it and sometimes, even been guilty of saying this to fellow girlfriends. Comments about a woman’s attire are uncalled for! You may like what they are wearing or not, you needn’t pin point at the length of their skirt and shame them. We are aware of what’s appropriate where. Policing our sartorial choices in this day and age seems unnecessary. Here are a few replies you can give in response to the age old question – Isn’t that dress too small?

1. Yes, just like your mentality!

Be confident and if things get awkward, smile. Sometimes, the people making these statements need to understand how problematic it is. Most of the time, we say these things in our mind, but maybe voice it out and laugh at the end, so your point is made.

2. Yes, just like your friend circle!

If someone disrespects you, don’t think twice to give it back to them. It is not like you are bad person, they put you down first backing up yourself is not a bad thing.

3. Yes, but I don’t remember asking for your opinion!

It is important to let them know what they are saying is not right. Sometimes saying what you feel is important. Point out what they are saying is uncalled for.

4. Yes and congrats! You have officially poked your nose into other people’s business!

No one has right to shame another person. Especially based on what they are wearing. If someone asks you this, don’t hold back, respond to them and let know their boundaries.

5. Yes, Do you want me to change? I’d also like for you to change your mindset!

It is time, people should know that what they are wearing is not a tool to judge them. It is important to tell them to change their mindset and not assess one because of what they are wearing.

6.No, it’s not!

It implies that your confidence and attitude are what really matter and that you don’t need an elaborate outfit to feel good about yourself.

7. What I wear is my choice, I don’t understand how it concerns you!

This response is cool and confident, and it shows that you’re not afraid to take on the world. The use of the phrase implies that you’re determined and ambitious and that you’re not afraid to show it.

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