Green Flag Characters of South Cinema – Part 1

Male characters who raised our standards!

Social media is ablaze with discussing the red flags and green flags in relationships, people, situations etc. We thought of joining the bandwagon and bringing to you a list of male characters that are the greenest of green flags. They may not have been the lead characters in some cases, but their take on relationships and life make them one of the most sought after people in the film. Emotional maturity, respecting space and boundaries, and creating a safe space for open dialogues, are some of the traits that make them feature in this esteemed list.

Suhail from Lover

While everyone talks about the toxicity in the film, Harish Kumar as Suhail is a great example of a mentally mature man. “Who am I to give her the freedom? Her freedom is hers and my freedom is mine,” with this one dialogue, Suhail silenced everyone talking about ‘giving’ freedom to women. Suhail is self-secure, respects other’s boundaries , and truly understands what means to respect the one you love. Contrary to how Arun is in a relationship with Divya, Suhail is straightforward in saying, ““You wouldn’t have done what you did if you had loved her” since Arun was controlling and suffocating Divya in their relationship. 

Ramesh from Good Night

Standing by your partner during tough times is the backbone of a relationship. A marriage goes through ups and downs, but a couple that faces their hardships as a team comes out victorious and happy. Even though his character keeps quiet when everyone around him are nagging them to have a child, his priority was to ensure that his partner is happy and mentally at peace. In the later part of the film, when Maha goes through a miscarriage, Ramesh’s concern is Maha’s wellbeing, he tries to help her with the grief while also dealing with a broken heart himself. 

Prithvi Raj from Mozhi

Prithvi Raj as Karthik from Mozhi was a such a refreshing change from the quintessential Tamil hero of that time. There was a template for Tamil heroes which he disrupted and became one of the most liked and appreciated characters. Karthik respected Archana’s boundaries, he ensures that she felt safe around him but did not pry into the space she needed to feel comfortable. He understood her need for reassurance, her need for emotional security but never came off as forceful or pushy. He understood her in a way that no one else did and that’s what won her in the end. 


Dr. Tamizhnadan from Pasanga 2

Suriya as Dr. Tamizhnadan in Pasanga 2 is a character that doesn’t get enough credit for what he does and who he is. In a society that is conditioned to raise kids with strict discipline and control, he decides to change the rules. A healthy and open environment at home helps raise kids that are self assured, content and happy. He fosters an environment where everyone is free to express themselves, lets the kids be themselves and that’s what nurturing is all about. He initiates open expression of love as he himself shows affection towards his wife Venba openly and unabashedly.

Viraj from Hi Nanna

Nani as Viraj from Hi Nanna is a dream partner, he is expressive, empathetic, loving, understanding and persistent, but in a healthy way. The best part about this character is that he is flawed too, he is real, he owns his mistakes, is apologetic when he is in the wrong. Varsha had some strong views on love, owing to her parents failed marriage, her fear is understood by him. He reassures her, gives her the emotional security to make her believe that love and family could heal her from her trauma of her past. 


Giri from Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

Nivin Pauly as Giri from Ohm Shanthi Oshaana was a heartthrob when the movie came out, he was the typical older, handsome, dashing young man that girls wanted to be with. Pooja’s infatuation and affection for him is evident to him, but he doesn’t accept her proposal at first, he wants her to focus and succeed in her career as a doctor.  Later, when he realizes that she still feels the same way towards him, he confesses his feelings towards her. In a society where women’s careers aren’t given much importance, Giri puts her career before their feelings for each other and makes sure that she doesn’t compromise or get distracted from her career because of him.

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