South Cinema’s Rising Stars: Actresses Making Waves!

Who run the world? GIRLS!

South Indian cinema is brimming with rising stars who are making significant waves in the industry. Especially actresses who are not just settling for eye candy roles and are doing more meaningful roles.  Here are some of the actresses who are capturing attention in 2024.

Sri Gouri Priya

Her character in the film ‘ Lover’ resonated with the audience, she stood up for herself and distanced herself from a toxic partner and relationship. Not just Lover, she proved her acting prowess in Modern Love Chennai where she was a heartbroken girl who healed herself and got into a relationship again to get her heart broken. She doesn’t let this affect her and comes back stronger than ever.

Preethi Asrani 

One of the most promising newcomers from last year, Preethi Asrani is here to stay, she proves that language is no barrier for talent to breakthrough. She already established herself in Telugu industry as a child actress now she is making waves in Tamil cinema with her lineups. 

Malavika Manoj 

She is the quintessential girl-next-door, her performance in the movie Joe made her a household favorite across Tamil Nadu. Even months after the release of her first Tamil film, her dialogue “ Mathi Joe” is still widely used by Tamil audiences. She already made a mark for herself in Malayalam industry. 

Mamitha Baiju

A fun-loving, smart and independent girl who isn’t afraid to live life on her terms, Mamitha’s role was a breath of fresh air in Premalu. With Premalu 2 in works, audience have set an expectation to see the friendship of the gang in both on screen and off screen. With her charming screen presence and her authenticity is the role she takes up, she is one of the genZ’s favourite actress. 


Her rising popularity on social media is why she is the new ‘IT’ girl of the South, impressing audiences with her charming smile, viral dance moves, and exciting upcoming projects. She is already paired with Telugu superstars and now she is making a mark for herself as an in demand actress of the south industry. 


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