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How The Movie Goodnight Breaks Away From Gender Stereotypes.

A commendable play of gender roles!


The movie stars Manikandan and Meetha Raghunath as the lead couple along with Ramesh Thilak, Bagavathi Perumal, Balaji Sakthivel, and many others in supporting roles. It’s a movie you must watch with your family. While the central theme of the film is “snoring”, it touches upon so many other facets of family life, it’s amazing. The main protagonist is suffering from sleep apnea aka snoring and how that trickles into every part of his day-to-day life. He gets bullied at the workplace and made fun of by his family members and relatives. He gets married and realises how this affects her sleep and resorts to sleeping in a separate room. He tries his best to rid himself of this problem but when he isn’t able to, he slowly gives up on his relationship with her. It shows him in a vulnerable light which humanises this man’s struggle. The filmmaker isn’t afraid to show his sensitivity, him crying and falling apart. It’s commendable and inspiring to see a man’s emotions on screen. It portrays the new-age marriage where gender roles are interspersed. These couples are redefining those roles to suit their living arrangements. How a couple prioritises each other’s feelings and not succumbing to society’s ideas is seen here.
It’s the little things in the film that stand out. How the landlords bring up Anu and ensure that she finds a good man to marry. The relationship between the hero and his brother-in-law is light but respectful, as though they are buddies. The other couple, the sister and her husband are a soulful addition to this story. He’s living with her mother, not confined to the rules of society. It’s very beautifully portrayed because it’s the story of your house or your neighbours’ house who are a part of this generation where men and women can do either role. A scene that stood out for us is one where the sister, trying to avoid a discussion with her parents and in-laws, calls her husband out to go watch a movie. It received a huge applause in the theatre. Why, you ask? You have to watch the movie to find out.

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