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Savage Replies To Give When People Ask When Are You Getting Married!

Get ready to rumble!

When a girl reaches a particular age, which according to society is anytime in the 20s, she is tormented with the age-old question about marriage! Even though women are breaking stereotypes and shattering glass ceilings, marriage seems to be the only thing that society cares about. Tired of hearing the same questions wherever you go? We have a few replies that you could give when asked these perpetual questions :

Are you funding my wedding?

Throw the ball in their court, and ask a question in return. Most of these people bring up the conversation to remind you that they are waiting to either eat at your wedding or shop for your wedding. Either way, how is this invasion of privacy normalised?

When women get equal opportunities as men!
If you respond to their question with this remark, it is likely that they wouldn’t ask you another question on this topic. Women have been struggling for ages to get equal pay, equal opportunities and an equal say. When we are given the same treatment as men, we shall tie the knot!


Tomorrow! Sorry, we limited the guest list to only close people.
If this is your answer, wait to see their reaction. If they take it seriously, they would be embarrassed. And if they don’t, then you can just laugh it off! Give them an answer that will make them stop asking.

Probably, never!
This one ensures a clean bold. Whether you want to or not, is your decision. It is your life and you should be given the required amount of time to make this call. Marriage is a lifelong commitment and it may not be for everyone.

When you stop interfering in other people’s lives.
Why not retort with something that puts them in an awkward situation? These relatives or uncle aunties seriously need to learn to mind their own business. Asking every girl when should get narrated is clearly none of their concern.

I would have, but Dulquer, Madhavan and Suriya, all desirable men are taken!
The ones who ask when you are getting married will not be expecting this answer. They will try to tease you, in most cases annoy you with the same query. Say this with a straight face, make it believable and watch them wonder if you really meant it or not!

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