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7 Unsolicited Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing !

We request you to stop!

Sexism is a problem that women are dealing with everywhere, whether it’s their workplace or their home, we are truly fed up with the remarks made at us every day. Why are women subjected to this behaviour? If you are a woman, you will be given unsolicited advice by anybody, from your next-door neighbour to your cab driver, no one will spare you. Usually, these comments are made because they are ‘concerned’ about our safety and well-being. Well, we are capable and responsible, independent and intelligent to figure out our ways in this world. Here are a few common things that I’m sure most of us have heard at some point in our lives:

1. You don’t make the first move, wait for him to ask you out.

This age-old tale of men should be the first one to make the move is outdated. We are the women of today, we are independent and mature to take our own decisions. If we genuinely like someone, we want to express it and go for it. 

2. When are you getting married?

And this one is most common among the single women out there. Why is everyone so intrusive? Marriage is a life-changing event, and we would like to be sure of what we want in our partner. We are focused on our careers and ourselves for now, and that takes priority over anything else at the moment.

3. Oh, so you watch sports?

Questions like these won’t be tolerated anymore! Yes, we watch sports and we love it. Sports is not a ‘man’s’ territory for this question to even arise. Like you watch movies, we also watch sports. Watching or liking sports isn’t gender-specific. 

4. Sit like a girl!

Another comment we are tired of hearing is this one. What does that even mean? For generations, we have been taunted by this statement. It’s such a silly and absurd thing to say to any girl. 

5. You do whatever you like after you get married.

If only we got a penny for every time we heard this, we would be millionaires. Somehow a girl’s freedom is tied to her marriage and husband. Another patriarchal theory suggests that women should be dependent on others for their well-being and happiness. 

6. Are you PMSing? Or are you on your period?

Have you ever noticed that as soon as you get a little emotional or express your feelings, they assume that you would be hormonal and close to your period? It’s very inappropriate to presume this and unwarranted. 

7. Women are bad drivers.

This assumption is done to dust. Being a good or a bad driver isn’t based on gender. It’s subjective from person to person. Just because we are women, we get labelled and put down. Bad drivers are plenty on the road, it could be a man or a woman. Stop generalizing. 

You’d be lying if you couldn’t feel the sarcasm in the tone, we hate to admit it and it shouldn’t come across as a surprise, but women are equally capable of being funny and making you laugh till your stomach hurts (we take credit when it’s due) Which is why you should go check out our latest video here


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