5 Weird Things Couples Do When They Have Been Together For A Long Time!!!!

‘Healthy relationships’

Every couple reaches a stage where they get comfortable around each other! Sometimes soooo comfortable that many couples end up doing a lot of super weird things together! We aren’t saying all of us do them, but ‘many’ do! 


It’s definitely a great feeling to be yourself in front your better half, but sometimes you need to draw a line to avoid minor day-to-day embarrassments! That said, end of the day, it’s kind of cool to not worry of embarrassments too! As long as you’re happy doing ‘weird’ things! It can be fun!!


Using the bathroom at the same time

  • Believe it!!! A lot of couples do it! In today’s commercial and expensive world it’s kind of normal to have one bathroom in your flats! What can you do when you both are late for work and need the loo at the same time?It’s a different thing to have sex in the loo or a shower together! We are talking about one of the partners answering nature’s divine calls! Weird? Yes!!!!

Hubby’s home!

  • Whether you decide to live in together or to get married, it’s a matter of choice!  Many couples who’ve been in a long term relationship have decided not to marry because they agree that marriage on papers is not really necessary! That’s a great outlook, but why have those really annoying ‘oh, my hubby darling conversations on Facebook?’ Nicknames are awww and cute, but why call each other hubby’ and ‘wifey’ and not stick to boyfriend and girlfriend? Husband and wife are a married couple; like marriage on papers doesn’t matter, calling each other with married titles on social media is quite annoying too!

Using each other’s Towels & Toiletries

  • Another habit which many couples develop is to use each other’s personal towels and toiletries. We don’t have an OCD but c’mon using the same towel? There are some things which are personal!

Painting the town red this Saturday night? Nah!!!

  • Those initial days of honeymoon pass one day or the other! But, that doesn’t mean you need to act like a super boring couple! Many couples prefer staying home than hanging out on weekends, which is good sometimes; Instead they go out for a movie or dinner! It’s sweet that they don’t need another medium of entertainment,  but staying indoors when there’s a really happening party at a friend’s place or a bar is not really fascinating. After being together for a long time, many couples prefer going out and painting the town red only when it’s a girls’ or boy’s night with their individual friends. Remember what Carrie told Mr Big? “We don’t have to be the old and boring couple just because we’re now married.” True that!

I know what you did last summer!

  • Woah, scary!!! After spending years together of course we get to know each other pretty well. When you have been together for long, at some point you know your partner the most! Many couples end up arguing about what happened in the year 200 BC of their relationship. We aren’t saying that only women remember that one day 10 years ago when he did not keep his stinky socks away, men remember silly things too! A lot of arguing happens about how different or romantic the other partner was in the first year of the relationship or what mistake the better half did many years ago! Move on, you’ve survived a relationship , and these days it’s quite miraculous to genuinely find someone you can grow old with!


To add to all of this, you’re actually doing a great job handling your relationship if you’re still doing these good weird things and are still madly in love with each other!


Written by: Deepa Kalukuri

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