5 Couple Resolutions To Take This New Year!

For a lovely year with your bae!

Its time to wave good bye to 2023 and welcome 2024 with positive vibes. Start this year with resolutions and most importantly don’t forget to stick to them. Apart from the serious goals like diet and finance, New Year can also be a good time to take resolutions with your better half. Take up resolutions this year together to help each other in life. Here are a few couple goals for the love birds to make this year a fruitful one.


Make a yearly bucket list


Make a bucket list for the year that has the places you wanted to visit, things you wanted to do and things that you wanted to buy. When you are having a bored weekend, you might feel clueless about what to do or where to eat and this bucketlist will help you greatly (and also avoids the arguments that you get into during the confusion!). Rather than writing a long term bucket list that has big goals, write short term bucket list that you can score off this year. Your online shopping wishlists, instagram pages, restaurants that you have bookmarked in Zomato and such things can help pen down the list. Make sure the list has both your wishes and scoring them off together can be one of the best thing to do!


Go on regular dates


When your life is too busy with individual personal priorities, don’t forget to make time for your sweetheart. Sometimes you might keep procrastinating your together time for various reasons, which will increase the chances for bitterness to walk in your relationship. So set a goal that keeps you together frequently. Go for dinner or movies every fortnight or weekend, set a time to make calls to each other on a daily basis (communication is the key to keep misunderstandings away).


Ditch a bad habit together

Man and woman breaking cigarette quitting smoke

A relationship is not all about rainbows and butterflies. A good relationship is a more than having dinner together and wooing each other. So ditch some bad habit together and motivate each other to achieve them. The advantage of ditching a bad habit is that when one wants to give up, the other can motivate. Goals are more achievable when planned with a companion and when the companion is your bae, ditching would be more fun!


Workout together


Whether it is New Year’s resolutions or couple goals, fitness can never go out of the list. Fitness is like your relationship as it will not work if you cheat on it. So plan a fitness routine for yourselves and follow them together. This not only gets your both fit but also helps in spending some quality time together thus make sure you have a fitness goal that has dual purpose.


Take a break from Social Media Together

Social Media is consuming, some need it for work, while others use it to endlessly scroll. We all have a habit of cruising through Instagram before going to bed. Let us take the initiative to keep our phones aside and spend that 1 hour in talking about the day or the next. This will ensure that you spend quality time together on the regular.



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