Decoding Gen Z Lingo- What Do They Mean?

It is what it is !

The Internet is becoming stranger and stranger by the minute. Every time you step into the world of social media, there is a new phrase popping up with meanings we don’t understand. These phrases cannot be taken in their literal sense and have a backstory that the Gen Zs understand. Here are 10 such phrases we have decoded for you to understand the meaning and the history behind these phrases: 


Green Forest

While red and green flags have become common phrases, Gen Z has developed a new one, “Green Forest”. So what does green forest mean? To understand that, we’ll need a brief understanding of what red and green flags mean. Red flags and Green flags are basically categorizing certain traits of someone as red flags meaning they are toxic and green flags meaning they are good character traits of someone. Green Forest is someone who would go above and beyond for their partner, someone who does more than the bare minimum and thinks out of the box to keep their relationship healthy. 


Delulu is the Solulu

You call it being unrealistic, the Gen Zs call it being delulu. “Why worry if someone doesn’t text you back? Maybe your answer left them speechless.” This is what being delulu means. The phrase “Delulu is the Solulu” means that one develops their own positive reasoning for everything that happens to them so that it doesn’t hurt them or disturb their peace. This phrase also expands to “Delulu is the Solulu until it becomes Trululu” which means that being Delusional is the Solution until it becomes true.


It’s a Cannon Event

“I’m late, again. It’s a Cannon Event”. “I’m going to text him. It’s a Cannon Event” “Our farewell was the last time we all spoke. It’s a Cannon Event”. So, what is this Cannon Event? A Cannon Event is something that is bound to happen that will change one’s life. This phrase became trending after the release of the “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” movie. In the movie, it is said that a cannon event is what binds the Spider-Verse wherein all the versions of Spider-Man get bitten by a spider. Since then, Gen Zs started using the phrase, “It’s a Cannon Event” for things they have no control over and are bound to happen anyways.


In my Era

An Era is basically a particular period in history when something remarkable or something worthy of noticing happens. The “In my Era” trend on social media is all about what one feels or thinks of themselves at the moment. The phrases go like “I’m in my Main Character Era” which means that the person feels like they’re the main character for a period of time. Someone who has been too good to people finally sets their boundaries and claims that “I’m in my Villian Era” meaning, they finally give up on being the people pleasers. Similarly, someone who decides to heal from their past traumas would say, “I’m in my healing Era” which quite literally means that they’re on their healing journey. The “In my Era” simply states what one actually feels or is currently interested in and adds it to the phrase, “I’m in my  “       ” Era”.


Let him cook

“Hold up, Let him Cook,” while the obvious meaning of the phrase might be letting someone cook, that’s not what the Gen Zs mean when they say this phrase. “Let him Cook” is a phrase used by the Gen Zs when they see someone doing something that has a possibility of turning out good. This phrase is used when one lets someone do what they’re doing, trusting their potential and being sure that the outcome will be worth giving them a chance. When there’s an argument and your friend brings out all the valid points, you let her cook because you guys are winning the argument.


This is my Roman Empire

How did an ancient civilization become a Gen Z Phrase? What does even “ This is my Roman Empire mean”? , You might wonder. It turns out it’s not that strange to think about the Roman Empire after all, and, to many women’s surprise, men think about the Roman Empire very frequently. This trend quickly picked up momentum on TikTok after a Swedish Influencer named Sasika Cort, urged her followers to ask their male partners,’ how often they think about the Roman Empire’ to many’s astonishment, their male counterparts replied that they think about the Roman Empire more often then one might assume. Soon the sentence became a catchphrase, as to your Roman empire is somehitsthing you think about a lot. For example:  When someone says ” True Love is my Roman Empire!” it means they think about True love  lot, but I mean who doesn’t? or ” your Roman Empire could even be a movie scene that you think about often.


Understood the Assignment

 The phrase explains itself, it means someone perfectly understood the task and executed it to perfection. For instance: When you ask your friends to cover for you when you sneak out, and they do it convincingly, then ‘they understood the assignment’ or  when someone shows up to a Party acing the theme, then you can tell ‘they understood the assignment’


Main Character

You are the main character of your story, you are the main character of your life. This term is often used by Genz when they finally embrace their selves and do something for themselves or when something special happens to them, like getting asked by their crush to prom. But mostly it’s about romanticizing life and prioritizing yourselves. For instance: let’s just say, you have a weird taste in fashion yet you wear your favorite outfit without worrying about what others might think, then you are living the main character life.


Hits Different

Hits Different is used when something emotionally affects you in a profound and special way. It has more impact on you than how the rest of the stuff impacts you. For example: ‘ listening to soft melodies at midnight hits different ‘ meaning listening to soft songs at midnight has a larger effect on you than just listening to songs, a more famous example is listening to Ilaiyaraja songs on a long journey and rainy weather hits different, it really does! 


Bombastic side eye 

Another TikTok trend that took over the internet by storm. This Genz Pharse is used when you just don’t agree with what someone is doing or saying. It is a look of judgment and disapproval, it is the look of  “Ughh”. For example: When your best friend says she won’t text her ex again, you give her a bombastic side-eye because let’s be real, this is not the first time she is saying it, or when someone says your favorite band is basic then you give them the bombastic side-eye. 

If you are a millennial reading this article, we are assuming you are right now giving GenZ ‘BOMBASTIC SIDE EYS’

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