Things We Miss About The 90s: A Trip Down Memory Lane

What a time to be alive!


Reminiscing the 90s is probably one of our favourite things to do. It was certainly a simpler time. It was a remarkable decade that left lasting impressions on everyone who grew up during these iconic times. We, as a generation, saw the transition from landlines to mobiles, dial-up to high-speed internet, and train travel to flights, we have witnessed big technological advancements through the years. 

The internet has brought about a major change in the way we live today, from social media to digital currency, the world has changed manifold. There are benefits to this but the memories associated with receiving an inland letter or a postcard are different. In this article, we look back at the things we miss about the 90s :


1. The Landline

When the phones were connected but the people were free. This was one of the most iconic parts of our childhood when phone calls were limited but precious. 

2. Film Cameras


Reel cameras were the norm in those days. You had to be mindful of the number of photos clicked and give it to a photo studio to develop. The purchasing and developing costs were considerable, unlike the digital cameras that followed. 

3. Cassettes and stereos

Stereo systems that would either play the radio or cassettes are what we grew up with. A cassette would have a fixed number of songs, and that too would be split between its two sides. 

4. Phantom cigarettes

 The joy of having one of these is unmatched. These sweet cigarette-shaped candy sticks were all the rage. We would pretend to smoke with one of them in hand and act cool. 

5. Spending vacations with grandparents and cousins

Even though we still do these, the novelty of those times was different. Summer or winter vacations meant going to your grandparents’ house and just spending days playing and having the best of times. 

 6. Train travel

The amusement one had during a long train journey still takes us back. No screens, phones or iPads, we spent time reading books and magazines, playing chess, snakes and ladder or UNO and gazing out the window for hours.

7. Rasna & Roohafza

Birthdays would be incomplete without a refreshing glass of Rasna! Some tastes and smells just transport you back in time, a glass of rose milk does exactly that. 

8. Letters

Before we could WhatsApp or DM each other, sending letters was routine. We would write to our cousins, relatives, grandparents, friends and even celebrities, fan mails were a legit thing those days!

9. Picnics

The beauty of packing a basket full of snacks, cool drinks and sandwiches is incomparable. The joy was in the simple things in life, a picnic was the best way to spend the day out and make the most of an outdoor location. 

10. Board games

Chess, Ludo, Snakes and Ladder or Monopoly, Life and Scotland Yard, everyone has a core memory about games! We could spend hours engrossed in a game with friends or cousins. 

11. Photo Albums

Happiness knew no bounds when we would revisit the old photo albums. Sitting with family members and laughing over old memories is such a 90s thing that we yearn for. 

12. Radio

The current generation won’t know the impact of cricket commentary heard over a shared radio. The sheer delight of hearing the observations and review of the live game was so thrilling. 

13. Greeting Cards 

A greeting card meant much more than just a piece of paper. The thrill of finding the right words, the joy of writing your personalised message, these small things kept the magic of the times alive!

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