Meet. Connect. Repeat : An Alternate Perspective On Ingredients That Cement A Budding Relationship!

Here are things that make the ideal date, from a man’s point of view.

Although you may have a pretty clear idea of what the ideal romantic rendezvous is, two is needed to tango and also make the perfect date. Even if you plan out your best evening, if the person you’re sharing the experience with does not receive it with the same enthusiasm, it will probably turn out to be a forgettable or needs-to-be-forgotten type of evening. It’s crucial that your date appreciates everything as much as you do. With that being said, as the old cliché goes, men are fairly easy to keep happy. Of course, I do not speak for all men, but as a fairly easy to keep happy man myself, this is the general trend I notice. Therefore, planning the perfect date for you and your man may not be that difficult after all. Here are things that make the ideal date, from a man’s point of view.

There is no real hard and fast rule to decide on a setting for a date; it depends on the people involved and circumstance. Good places to go on a date could range from a stroll in the park to watching the latest movie in the theatres. However, there are factors to take into account
before making a decision. Depending on whether it’s an early date or a date further into a relationship, different places offer different pros and cons. For example, the ideal location for a first date would require an atmosphere that would encourage conversation, so ideally not a movie or a club, which would otherwise be great for other scenarios, when you and your beau know each other a bit better!

Although this may seem like a run on from the last point, I can’t stress enough on how important this is! Without a healthy amount of conversation or some sort of interaction, dates can often turn into a solo venture with an awkward passenger along for the ride (the same thought is probably going through your counterpart’s head too). So, remember to always give the other person the right amount of attention, and make sure conversations don’t go stale! Very rarely is an awkward night out followed by a second chance!

This is a bit of a tricky one, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s the most crucial. No matter how much planning you put in a date, how
compatible you make it for you and your potential other half; if there isn’t even a spark, it’s most likely going to be a dud. There isn’t really much in your own hands in this case, chemistry does not constitute of any exact science. If the energy isn’t right, there’s no chance the date will be either.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with looking for casual dates, its very understandable that not many people really have time to engage in a
relationship, or even look for the chance! However, your intentions should be clear; the person sitting opposite to you on the date must know exactly what you’re looking for. There are not many things that can sour an atmosphere more than finding out your date isn’t interested in you long term when that’s what you’re looking for, and vice versa. It either could lead to a very awkward conversation, or even worse, a very cringe inducing way of ending the date.

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