5 Weird Things Couples Do When They Have Been Together For A Long Time!!!!

‘Healthy relationships’

Hubby’s home!

  • Whether you decide to live in together or to get married, it’s a matter of choice!  Many couples who’ve been in a long term relationship have decided not to marry because they agree that marriage on papers is not really necessary! That’s a great outlook, but why have those really annoying ‘oh, my hubby darling conversations on Facebook?’ Nicknames are awww and cute, but why call each other hubby’ and ‘wifey’ and not stick to boyfriend and girlfriend? Husband and wife are a married couple; like marriage on papers doesn’t matter, calling each other with married titles on social media is quite annoying too!

Using each other’s Towels & Toiletries

  • Another habit which many couples develop is to use each other’s personal towels and toiletries. We don’t have an OCD but c’mon using the same towel? There are some things which are personal!

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