To Love A Second Time : Finding Love After a Failed Marriage




Stages in love: The first stage is falling deeply madly and truly in love. Believe me, this is the easiest and most natural thing to happen when you meet someone.  This when matures, goes to the next level which is admiration and respect. When you notice simple things that he does that make you want to respect him more than love. There is always a rough patch in every couple’s relationship; misunderstandings, expectations etc tend to get the better of us. If you cross this stage with more understanding in each other, then you are ready for the long haul.

Forgiveness:  No individual is perfect, we all come with our flaws. Difference of opinion is inevitable too. Two adults will certainly have contrasting opinions, agreeing to disagree is best. Small annoyances, fights etc should never be taken to the next day. Sleeping over it and then understanding why small issues can hamper your beautiful life will make love win. Learn to forgive and pay a blind eye to issues that do not require either of yours attention.

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