6 Foreplay suggestions to spice up your Sex life!

Get even more intimate!

Having an intimate time with our partners has become increasingly difficult with the current busy lifestyle that we all have. Being actually aroused before having sex is even more rare. Sex without arousal makes intimacy a mood killer, right? Foreplay is extremely important, as it sets the mood for a good intimate experience. Foreplay is important as it triggers physiological as well as physical responses that make sexual activities possible and enjoyable. To have a pleasurable sexual experience, here are 6 foreplay suggestions:


1. Kissing:

How to French Kiss in 7 Easy Steps | LoveToKnow

Well, you may think that kissing is the most basic thing one goes for before diving into sex. But, Kissing done the right way can by itself be an effective foreplay technique to get the boat smooth sailing. Kissing can be slow, fast, soft passionate or even deep. You can even get creative and kiss your partner in places they would have never expected. The surprise element really helps to brighten things up in bed.

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