8 Unique First Date Ideas!

Interesting date ideas!!

So you found an interesting guy on Tinder and you would rather not go to the pub, where your conversation can get drowned by loud house music. Try out these date ideas to get to know your could-be-significant-other-in-future guy better!

Amusement Park

Nothing is more ice breaking than a scream atop a scary roller coaster ride. Trying out different rides with you and your date out of your comfort zones can be one helluva first date!

Book shopping

Perfect for not just book lovers but just about everyone. You may not judge a book by its cover but you can surely judge your date by their book taste. Visit a book fair or if you are an introvert and would like to connect on minimal conversation, do a text-date at the nearest library.


One thing is for sure, you will never go out of topics when at a museum. Whether you are in the arts section, artefacts section or the photography section, there is a wide range of things to discuss here such as time periods, lifestyle of bygone eras compared to today and more nostalgic elements.

Bingo night

Although any board game night can be delightful, we suggest Bingo because it is purely based on luck and there is no frown at the end of the day. Double date with close friends or take a third wheel mutual friend along for everybody loves Bingo night!

 Escape room

Solving clues together and understanding each other on a more intellectual level,

Trivia night

Get some friendly competition going with your date at the next trivia night at your nearest pub. Who knows, you could even win a plate of fries!

Wine tasting

Sophisticated, conversation worthy and most of all, it has the presence of alcohol; wine tasting dates are a treat and can be enjoyed by those not into wines too.

Animal adoption drive

This date is guaranteed to be an overload of cuteness! Find out the next adoption drive in your city and you can check it out with your date to gauge how they react to animals. Also perfect for double dates, you can even bring about conversations related to the future by suggesting which pet to adopt next.

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