Do’s and Don’ts for your First Time #SexEdition

A guide for a sail smoothing first time!

Firsts are special, it’s a new feeling, a new adventure and a new window to the world we are yet to explore. Sex for the first time can be a lot of things. For some it’s nerve-wracking, for some it’s romantic, for some it’s a part of their college bucket list. All said and done our society still does not address the topic with the open-mindedness it actually needs. Some get sex education from their parents or older siblings, some from their classmates and friends and a lot get their information off of the internet. It’s essential that you know a few key points when taking that step.

It’s the most intimate act and is a beautiful feeling, but there are some Do’s and some Don’t’s that one must keep in mind. First times happen only one time and it’s a memory that you’d cherish forever. Like most things in life, it’s thrilling but it could be life-changing if not adhering to the rules. To help you make your first time amazing, here is a list you can follow:


  • Do’s



Take Consent: This is the first and foremost thing to do before you get into the act. Know your partner’s stand and get their consent. Both of you need to be comfortable and sure about the step that you’re about to take.


Use Protection: This is a golden rule to follow, if it’s your first time or your 10th, protection is non-negotiable. It helps prevent STDs and pregnancy. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you plan to be sexually active, carry condoms.


Be in the moment:  After all the technicalities, let’s get to the fun part. It’s an act of love and it should reflect that. Live in the moment, enjoy every touch and sensation, and be present. It’s a game of touch and response,  and you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest if you are in the moment.


Communicate: Couples usually talk about everything under the sun but not about their desires and fantasies in the bedroom. Even during the act, talk to each other, and let the other person know what you like and what gets your engines going.


Lose your inhibitions: Passion is in full play here and your inhibitions or insecurity have no place. Be your own person and let go of the reins and follow your body’s cues. Be unabashedly open and ask what you would like to be done to you. You are steering the ship correctly if you set the tone right from the first time.


Guide him: Men may know about a lot of things but when it comes to a woman’s body, they have to be guided. Hoping that by now you’ve explored your body on your own and know where what is, it’s time to pass the baton.


  • Don’ts

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Do not Over Think: when the mind works overtime, the body doesn’t get to play. So for the moment, do not overthink your actions or even reactions. If your partner likes it, good, if he doesn’t, he needs to think about why he’s here.


Do not Try Complicated positions: Sex is already complicated and first times can be messy. It’s best to stick to the tried and tested missionary style. There is a reason it’s the most common position in the textbook. Plus looking into each other’s eyes while you’re at it takes the passion level to the next.


Do Not have expectations: Some movies that you’ve watched might have set your standards pretty high. Please note that they are actors and they are enacting a scene. You are real people with natural bodies and real-life situations. World rocking fantabulous sex exists but it certainly needs some amount of hard work, pun intended.


Do Not force yourself or your partner: Surely when you kissed after your first date, you felt the sparks. Maybe this is meant to be, or maybe it’s a one-off fling, but either way, know what you want. Do not force yourself to take a step that you aren’t ready for, and the same applies to your significant other.


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