3 Universally Tested Flirting Moves!

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Forget boldness and in-your-face. When it comes to wooing men, subtlety is the key. Good, old-fashioned flirting still works big time. And flirting opportunities are omnipresent! So the next time you spot a potential arm candy in the lobby, lounge or lift, try your hand at the proven art of coquetry. They say good things come in pairs and so do flirting techniques. Here are 3 leading duos of the flirting world.


  1. Glance and Smile:

Start things off by giving him an innocent glance and avert your eyes when he catches you looking at him. Moments later follow up the coy glance with a sparkling smile. A genuine smile is the ultimate sign of openness and friendliness. If you smile at a guy you met at the supermarket or at the bar and if he smiles back at you, it means you have communicated. It also makes him comfortable to approach you. Smiling always works with men. While smiling at him, remember to maintain eye contact so that he knows he is the sole recipient of the shy smile. You would not want to send some wrong signals to his friends sitting next to him. 


  1. Confidence and Humour:

Yes, you read that right! Men love humour, especially when women get it right. Your cute colleague is not going to notice you if you are going to sit in a corner nursing a drink for hours at the office bash. So the next time you find yourself in the same group of revelers at the party scene, crack a witty joke or two with confidence. See if his lips turn into a grin. If they do, it means he enjoys your company. Men also love confident women. So a no-no for whines and grumbles! 


  1. Tease and Talk:

Men love it when women tease and challenge them. Research reveals that teasing men shows that you are playful and up for exciting things. He might tease you back too, so be ready for it. Men also enjoy it when a lady is able to converse on topics close to their heart. Once the conversation is set, engage in a nice repartee. A word of caution here would be to avoid using sarcastic or over-corny remarks. 



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