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SC on decriminalizing homosexuality

Have the times changed?

On a very progressive note, the Supreme Court has decided on Monday that it will review and reconsider decriminalization of gay sex and its take on Section 377 of IPC.

Chief Justice of India, Dipak Misra said it best when he announced, “The concept of consensual sex may have more priority than a group right and may require more protection. A section of people or individuals who exercise their choice should never live in a state of fear,”.

However, on Monday the CJI conceded that what was natural behaviour for some could be “unnatural” for some. “… natural sexual orientation and choice cannot be allowed to cross boundaries of law but confines of law cannot trample or curtail the inherent right embedded in an individual under article 21,” the court said.

“Consent between two adults has to be the primary precondition otherwise children would become prey,” said the Chief Justice.

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