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Pulsating Pattaya For All You Adventure Lovers!

Enthralling Pattaya!

Pattaya! And, the mind conjures up sandy beaches, glorious sunshine and delicious Thai cuisine. A visit to Pattaya and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much more this city has to offer.

Sawadika! A pleasant, smiling flight attendant greets with folded hands. Welcome! This word will become a part of your dictionary by the time you leave Pattaya. This coastal city attracts visitors from around the world for its laidback and relaxing atmosphere.



Pattaya lies on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Located 165 km east of the capital, Bangkok, Pattaya’s beaches are part of South China Sea. The Chao Phraya is one of the largest rivers in this region.

How to get there

Bangkok is very well connected by air. There are daily flights to Bangkok from all major airports in the world.  Several Thai airlines, including Thai Air and Bangkok Airways operate daily flights. It takes two hours by road to reach Pattaya. The drive is comfortable and relaxing.


Pattaya enjoys tropic climate with average temperature of 29 degrees Celsius, although the months between February and May might see the mercury touch an average of 34. The period from November to February is ideal to visit Pattaya. This is the winter season and the city is flooded with tourists.

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