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JFW Picks : 10 Best Places For Ice-Cream In Chennai!

How many places have you tried ?

Irrespective of age, culture, or weather – ice cream’s velvety magic transcends them all. From vanilla’s pure bliss to artisanal swirls of adventure, it’s a universal joy for every palate. Dive with us into your city’s coolest corners, unearthing the finest ice cream havens. Chocoholics, fruit fanatics, and sundae lovers- these scoops promise happiness for every taste bud. 

Even the mention of ice cream brings a smile to everyone’s face, so here is a list of ice cream spots that are a must-try when in Chennai :

1. Amadora Gourmet Ice Cream

It’s an ice cream haven, with traditional flavours and new blends, this place is one of the best spots for artisanal icecreams. A few must-tries here are Mami’s filter coffee, miso caramel, and trifle pudding in addition to their signature flavours like mint chocolate chip, five-bean vanilla and Belgian chocolate ice cream. 

2. Batter

With their shops in Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Alwarpet, Anna Nagar West, Besant Nagar and MRC Nagar, Batter is popular for its unique flavours and signature ice cream scoops. Their half-baked brownie butter ice cream, Milo Dino, Lotus biscoff, Dulce de leche cheesecake and their numerous chocolate delights are a must-try here. 

3. Shmoozies 

Shmoozies offers 20 seasonal flavors of ice cream that include strawberries, guava, mango, etc. With no added preservatives, this ice cream joint is as fresh as it gets. Ask for the Banoffee Pie Ice cream, Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, Chai Spicecream or the Salted Caramel with sea salt grits are exclusively available here. 

4. Amelies Cafe and Creamery 

Amelies, situated at the central Kasthuri Rangan Road, is a delightful cafe not just for desserts but for a full fare. They have artisanal ice creams and also frozen yogurts, based on availability. The raspberry ice cream is more like a gelato that will leave you with a tangy aftertaste, but the milo ice cream will take you toward a creamy heaven. 

5. Dumont Creamery 

The Lotus Biscoff ice cream, the gooey butter cake ice cream, cake and jam ice cream, choco orange and kheer are some of the interesting picks from this dessert place. They are known for their combinations and their sundaes that are a complete indulgence, for example The Dirty Road, The Biscoff Melody, The N(a)utty One, The Oreo Van, etc. 

6. Creamstone 

Creamstone is known for its customizing options and its pre-decided ice cream combinations that are specially made in front of you on a slab of chilled metal. It elevates your ice cream eating experience as you get engrossed in the creative way they curate their bowls. 

7. Les Amis

It started off with 12 flavors in 2019 and is now proud to present hundreds of flavours in unique combinations and solo varieties. They have gelatos and sorbets, popsicles and creamsicles, flavours ranging from rose milk, and pink guava to baileys flavoured ice cream and seasonal varieties like mango, jackfruit, etc. 

8. Haagen Dazs

 American ice cream brand is one of the most ice cream brands in Chennai. They are priced on the higher side and are clearly an indulgence. Flavors like salted caramel, strawberry, Belgian chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream are readily available. To add to the regular ice cream varieties, there are delicious brownies, shakes and sundae options. 

9. Movenpick

Situated in 2 prime locations in Chennai, Nungambakkam and Anna Nagar, this is an ice cream lovers delight. Their ice creams are made from 100 percent natural ingredients and have over 100 varieties of dishes to try. From mainstream flavours like mango, strawberry, and vanilla to eclectic ones like panna cotta raspberry, swiss chocolate and caramelita, they have it all. 

10. Cream and Fudge

They are 100% pure vegetarian made with premium ingredients and are one of Chennai’s most loved ice cream spots. You can customize your own ice cream bowl and get it made in front of you on a marble stone. Add fun toppings like brownies, chocchips, sprinkles, fruits and nuts with a swirl of different syrups and flavours. 


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