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JFW Picks : 6 Stand-Alone South Indian Restaurants That Serve The Best Non-Vegetarian Food In Chennai!

Have you tried a typical South Indian non vegetarian feast?

It’s time for another listicle from our side, in this one we focus on standalone South Indian restaurants that serve delectable non-vegetarian food. From mutton chukka to Nethli fry, the South Indian palette draws inspiration from all 5 states. It could be a Chettinad version of chicken curry or a Nandan Kerala style, the diversity you get here is impeccable. Every region has their special dishes, but if you wish to try some of the best South Indian non-vegetarian dishes, read and bookmark these places for your next outing in town :

1. Kappa Chakka Kandhari:

Chef Regi Mathews’s Kappa Chakka Kandhari serves authentic food from the state of Kerala. This award-winning restaurant is one of the best in the city. They serve all rice-based dishes here, from puttu to appam, neer dosa to biryani, one can eat it with the many curries and dry fries they serve here. A must-try is the prawn puttu biryanis, chicken stew with appam and cloud pudding and Kandhari ice cream for dessert.

Cost for 2: 1400

2. Karaikudi Chettinad Restaurant:

One of the most favourite joints in Chennai is the Karaikudi Restaurant here. It has been here for years and remains one of the most popular Chettinad serving places. Once you are here, you have got to try the chicken Kothu parathas, kola urundai, chicken and mutton chukka and biryani. A side of kalaki is what you need to tie your meal together!

Cost for 2: 300

3. Savya Rasa:

It’s another fine dining restaurant that serves one of the best South Indian non-vegetarian fare in Chennai. It’s fair to say that one can get lost in the menu for it is so detailed and very extensive. You can try the kongu mutton biryani, mutton kola urundai, pacha masala men varuval or the yera varuval, pallipalayam mutton, bun parottas with Milagros kozhi Chettinad. 

Cost for 2 : 2000

Erode Amman Mess:

A classic mess that serves one of the finest South Indian meals is the Erode Amman Mess. It’s famous for its authentic dishes that come from the Chettinad region. The list of things to try from this place is endless but just to name a few that are definite must try are mutton chukka, brain fry, Vanjara tawa fry, japan chicken, pallipalayam chicken and mutton Nalli fry. In the main course, you shouldn’t miss the Annoor mutton biryani, Kozhi kozhambu, Manchatti meen kozhambu and the parottas. 

Cost for 2 : 700


Ponnusamy is famous for its Bahubali thali which serves an exceptional number of dishes. But this comes with a challenge. If one can finish this majestic thali in an hour by themselves, they get the meal for free. Not to worry though, you can order a la carte and enjoy a simple family here. Ponnusamy is also one of the oldest restaurants in Chennai that serves non-veg dishes from the southern region. 

Cost for 2: 850

Kovai Alankar Vilas :

 Flaky parottas with chicken kozhambu are the best combination here in addition to their other non-veg specialities. Mutton kola urundai is one of the best here. They have another dish on the menu that’s called keema rice which is a must-try here. Chicken pepper fry, pichi potta fry, brain masala and karvupellai prawn fry are dishes that you cannot leave this place without trying. 

Cost for 2 : 400

Cholan Mess:

With branches all across the city, Cholan Mess is known for its signature recipes from South India. It’s a place that drives inspiration from Trichy, where the owner is originally from. They take pride in their exclusive dishes like Sukka Soru, Naattu Kozhi meals, Mutton set dosa and Seeraga Samba Biryani. A few dishes that should be ordered here are the chicken pepper roast, nethily fry, Varutharacha Kozhi perattal and chicken keep dosa. 

Cost for 2 : 900

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