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Pulsating Pattaya For All You Adventure Lovers!

Enthralling Pattaya!

Where to eat

You will find every kind of eatery, food joint or cuisine in Pattaya. The city caters to every palate. If you would like to sample authentic Thai delicacies, try small hole-in-the-wall eateries in the city. The fresh, hot dishes will be handed out with courtesy and a smile. Fresh seafood and authentic international cuisine is served at many restaurants facing Pattaya Beach. If you are a staunch Indian foodie, don’t fret! Pattaya has several Indian restaurants. You will be spoilt for choice. Try Veda, Zaika or Indian by Nature.

Pattaya has so much to offer. All it needs is the time to look beyond the obvious. You will come back with not only happy memories but also the lingering feeling of cordiality, courtesy and hospitality.

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