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Pulsating Pattaya For All You Adventure Lovers!

Enthralling Pattaya!

Must See Must Do

Pattaya Gems Factory

The gems factory is touted to be the biggest jewellery store in the world. You will be stunned by the array of precious stones and metals. The highlight of the visit is the “Dark Ride”, a small tour that gives you a glimpse of how precious metals and stones originate. The audio and visual effects and imagery are literally bedazzling.

The tour ends at the jewellery gallery and store. You will find every conceivable shape, size and stones on display. The attendants are knowledgeable and friendly. You can purchase off-the-shelf or place an order. Each purchase comes with a guarantee certificate.

Entry is free and you will be served complimentary coffee/tea/drinks.  The gems gallery is an excellent place to pick up gifts for friends and family and of course for li’l ol’ you. Pearl and jade pieces are great buys. And, hone your bargaining skills – it will help you tremendously!

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