Parenting 101- Parenting Tips For The New Generation!

A child’s nature is in the parents’ hands!

Dr Sameer points out that the trick lies in striking the balance between fulfilling the child’s needs and desires while at the same time exerting the required sense of control and discipline. He further asserts, “Overdoing it on any one aspect is likely to be unhealthy. This becomes more relevant today, as with growing awareness it is increasingly common to witness ‘helicopter parenting’ hovering around their children to the extent of over-involvement. This in itself is unhealthy, as it not only interferes with the attainment of the child’s independence and socialisation but also impedes the child’s ability to develop resilience and responsibility for one’s own self.”



To foster a sense of responsibility parents often encounter ‘teachable moments’ as their children grow up. These moments when put to use can help be impart knowledge and at the same time inculcate desired values within their young ones.


And how do you do that? By serving as role models. Let’s take time management for instance. A well-established mommy investment banker working at a globally recognised organisation once explains how she achieved a lot in a short span –smart time management. She revealed that she delegated most of her work that can be done by others – like teaching her son to read, taking him to the playground or to the school, cooking etc. She was then left with only the things that no one else could do but her, for instance cuddling her son, working out and so on.

Dr Sameer pointsout,at times giving too much freedom to children too is a way of pampering that lets children forget responsibility.An honest conversationreminding them that they are answerable for their actions could help. Nawaz ModiSinghania, a fitness trailblazer and wife of Raymond’s GautamSinghania, spoke about how she explained the consequences of every action to her daughter and let her decide for herself – be it for indulging in junk food or jumping off a building.

Instead of being an authoritative figure, Dr Sameer gives a few tips you can use instead to communicate better with your children:

Reason with your child: Do not be afraid to reason, based on your child’s developmental levels come up with an open communication pattern.

Avoid nagging: Act instead as a guide and facilitator.

Pick fights: Engage in battles so that you can give in sometimes, it teaches your child to let go.

Finally, remember to both expect as well as accept disagreements, as there does not exist any thumb-rule for a perfect parent!

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