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Maneka Gandhi Called Out For Anti-Sex Workers & ‘Other Persons’ Comment!


Maneka Gandhi, the Union Cabinet Minister for Women & Child Development, is accused of making crude statements on sex workers and transgender persons during the recently held discussion at the Lok Sabha. At the Parliament, the topic of the Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill 2018 came up wherein Maneka was seen sniggering whilst mentioning transgender persons as ‘the other ones’.

Further, her comment on sex workers also drew flak from The National Network of Sex Workers (NNSW).

“I am going to be wicked….During the consultation on the Bill, we received comments from two groups – one representing the victims and the other representing sex workers. Dr. Tharoor represents the second group,” she had said at Parliament, with many laughing.

In response, NNSW said that sex workers are not a source of entertainment or snide laughter for MPs.

“Do we not have the right to be heard by Ministers, Governments and Members of Parliament? Are we according to you so reprehensible that it is okay to make us the butt of your humour at the cost of dignity? Are we not women, Madam Minister?” they said in their statement.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Trafficking Coalition has demanded an apology from her. According to The News Minute, they want Maneka to withdraw her “unparliamentarily and crude remarks about women and transgender individuals”.

So far, Maneka has apologised for using the words “other persons” but has not said anything else with respect to the apology demanded.

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