In Sickness And In Health: A Heart Wrenching Love Story!

Suresh’s story will leave you in tears!

It was the morning of April 28th 1999 when Suresh, a 32 year old IIMA alumni and an IndBank employee complained to his wife, Jaya about a slight headache. After the morning tea and newspaper, Suresh headed in for a shower. What happened next, changed the lives of Suresh, Jaya and their 9 months old son, Sujit.

While he was in the shower, a feeling of giddiness caught him. Not realizing that a stroke had hit him , he sat down, and then slowly lay down on the floor hoping the coldness would make him feel better. After moments, the family realized that something had gone wrong, and they broke open the door and quickly called for an ambulance. On his way to the hospital, Suresh felt as if all four of his limbs were detaching itself from his body. Drifting in and out of consciousness, Suresh slowly went into a state of coma.

Suresh was unconscious for about 2 weeks with tubes connected to him all over his body. After he regained his conscious state, the doctor had to check whether he was able to understand and comprehend things. So the doctor asked him general questions to which he would replied with a blink. That was the only thing his body allowed him to do, a blink. Suresh has been in a vegetative state since that fateful morning of 1999.

“I never expected it to be this bad. We thought it would become alright in some time. But it went on to become worse for Suresh.” says Jaya.

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