In Sickness And In Health: A Heart Wrenching Love Story!

Suresh’s story will leave you in tears!



Ten years after the stroke, Suresh started writing his blog in 2009, reciting some very funny instances of his life. You wonder how? “He has a headset. He uses it for typing with his head moments. It’s called Emotiv Epoc Headset.”  This has helped Suresh type on the computer and write as beautifully as he does. Reading books and magazines were his favorite thing, so the family would clip the reading material on to a pillow in front of him.

Tragedies are what make or break a family. It’s extremely overwhelming to see how this one has grown to become such a happy and jovial one. The shortcomings don’t stop you from enjoying the small and big things in life. You step into the Jaya-Suresh home and you will be met with a wave of affection and an instant connection, their love is surely infectious.

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