In Sickness And In Health: A Heart Wrenching Love Story!

Suresh’s story will leave you in tears!



Their son is now doing his Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering from SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai.  He was a few months old when the family met with this tragedy and has grown learning new ways to communicate with his dad.

“By God’s grace Sujit has also learnt the art of communicating with his father. They enjoy each other’s company a lot” Jaya is extremely happy about the way the father and son have bonded through the years in spite of all odds.

When we ask Jaya whether she ever lost hope or was disheartened, she admits “Many a times initially, I did lose hope. I didn’t have an idea how things were going to work with us. I was totally confused and disturbed. But my parents, brother and friends have played a very important role in our lives.”

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