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Ignore The Calories: World’s Biggest Samosa Wins A Guinness Record!

The Asian snack weighed 153.1 kilograms.

It is simple, isn’t?

Make the stuffing, mix the flour to get the perfect blend, wrap it all up to form the triangle and fry it in oil, making sure the ends don’t open up and spoil the whole batch. Sounds like a missile launch? It does to me. Let’s confess, we have all tried making samosa and failed miserably and sat on the street side Bhai’s shop with our friends. Therefore, this comes as a huge surprise.

Farid Islam and his team were super tensed as the independent food safety officer brought to taste and qualify the world’s largest made samosa edible took his first bite. His simple thumbs-up was enough to break the room with cheer.

The Guinness Record for the World’s largest samosa was in the hands of Bradford College located in Northern England until Tuesday, their samosa weighed 110.8 kg. That is no longer the record as the World’s Largest Samosa was made in London on Tuesday, the popular Asian snack weighed a whopping 153.1 kilograms. Volunteers from the Muslim Aid UK charity built the samosa on a giant wire mesh.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Pravin Patel spelled out the rules.

“It’s got to be triangular; contain flour, potatoes, onions, and peas; be fried, and retain the shape when cooked,” he told AFP. He also added, “It’s got to look and feel like a samosa; it’s got to be edible by humans and must be eaten fully, without wastage”.

However, the crucial part of the whole process is the net weight. Once the team was done with the preparation of the samosa and it was ready to get into the oil, it was hauled up to the industrial winch by the biggest men available and slowly plunged into the specially made vat.

After the Safety Food officers approval, it was now completely in the hands of Patel to declare the record victory.

“It’s an absolutely great achievement,” he declared.

The volunteers had to work for around 15 hours to prepare the samosa that was finally divided into hundreds of portions and distributed to the local homeless via the Salvation Army.

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