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Is Foodgasm a real thing?

Going Foodgasmic is the goal!

Foodgasm is a neologism that has been coined by cohesion of the two words food and orgasm. As the name suggests this is a feeling of euphoria that occurs when we consume some yummy food that gives us pure mental happiness.

This state of satisfaction differs and varies from one another. A few may prefer their favorite meal like a lunchbox cake, or comfort food like Biriyani, it can be anything and at any time. Although the generic orgasms are overrated, this foodgasm is the real deal.

Buzz is that the true foodgasms can be felt when we end a fast. Any kind of fasting, be it Intermittent fasting, Ramadan, Lent, Yom Kippur, whatever it may be, each time a fast is ended, the food heaven one reaches is the true path to a foodgasm.

Foodgasm is mostly misunderstood with Food porn. Food porn has more to do with the eye-appeal, attractive nature of foods whereas Foodgasm is the physical pleasure we adorn each time we have a quickie with our 6ft sub!

In this modern millennial world, food looks are a must, it needs to look pretty before it can be eaten. This is the driving idea for today’s consumer industry as well. With a huge reach online, trending hashtags like #foodgasm, #foodporn with such vivid food pictures from all over the globe creates new desires and henceforth helps us attain the neo salvation of our foodgasm journey. This journey need not necessarily be physical but can be virtual too.

Well, by the looks of Instagram, Foodgasm sure is a real deal!

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