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‘Empowering Farmers, Nature And People’, Greentatwa Agri Tech’s Timely Initiative!

For generations, our soil has been harmed by chemicals and toxins that have corrupted our produce which in turn has affected our health both mentally and physically. Clean, nutritious and healthy food is what we as commoners look and crave for in today’s fast food world.

Greentatwa Agri Tech LLP have come up with an innovative idea of replenishing the nutrients of nature to prepare truly fresh and organic produce. Greentatwa is a company focused on farming, supplying, and distributing pesticide or residue-free grains and vegetables and in providing healthy and nutritious food to its consumers. The objective of the company is to ‘empower farmers, nature and people’. Empowering farmers and providing good edible food to the common people is their main goal.


The firm is promoted by Roopa Maganti and Dr. Rama Rao Peddi. Roopa Maganti, graduated from Anna University, Chennai she is a certified trainer in Training and Capacity Building from International Labour Organization ILO Turin, Italy. Over the past two decades, Roopa worked in various capacities in a wide range of socially relevant initiatives that are transformational in nature. These initiatives were focused on the empowerment of women, youth, and children.

“Agriculture is the base, it lays the foundation of the nation’s economy and doing it right is crucial. I’m from an agrarian background, this sums it up why I’m so obsessed with empowering farmers, nature and people. As a mother, it is my responsibility to provide healthy and chemical free food to my kid and as an individual I strongly believe our society and people need quality produce. This thrived me to establish a start-up in the year 2019” says Roopa Maganti.

“With the pandemic, people realized the importance of nutritious food and this is positive sign. We had our own struggles like other businesses with the lockdown restrictions, the team was held up and couldn’t travel to farmlands but our heroes, the farmers did an amazing job and yes it is a push market. We are elated as a team with the response from people, especially millennials” opines Roopa.

Apart from focusing on B2B, the company has just started creating a ‘community of consumers’ who would be willing to buy its products on regular basis through Greentatwa’s e-commerce brand Sudhanya.


What makes Greentatwa special and significant is that it is a women driven start-up. Be it employees, farmers, vendors, micro and macro enterprises, consumers the organization is proudly associated with women at every level. Greentatwa assures that its basket is going to be big as large number of farmers are joining hands with them to pursue pesticide and chemical free farming practices.


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