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Food alert : Puttu but this time with Ice-Cream!

Eat it virtually!

People are always trying different food fusions but this new combination is taking rounds all over social media.  Seemingly, this new Ice cream version of Puttu is the latest trending dessert in Kerala as we can see many food vloggers trying it out in restaurants.

Puttu is a signature breakfast in Kerala; it is also found in some regions of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Puttu is a cylindrical shaped log made of steamed rice and coconuts. It is made of a cylindrical vessel called a Puttu kadam. This recent remake of Puttu ice cream does not involve all its main ingredients of rice and coconut but is made in the same vessel.

Instead of rice, the dish is filled with layers of different flavours of ice cream, and instead of coconut flakes, the ice cream is decorated with corn flakes, nuts and other toppings. This dish first evolved in Kerala, which later spread to other regions in Tamil Nadu. A food vlogger’s video reviewing the dish went viral on the internet with more than 1 million views. Now many restaurants in Tamil Nadu have started serving this dish. This Puttu ice cream has won many people’s hearts as it enhances everyone’s taste buds. An ice parlour named “cream story” located in Anna Nagar and Ekattuthangal serves the dish in Chennai. Every dish has its own fan base, but this dish has attracted most of the crowd in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. More than its taste and flavour it is popularly known for its recreation and innovation.

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