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8 Best Biriyanis in Chennai!

Warning: Will cause HUNGER!

When it comes to biryani, most foodies would call it an ‘emotion’ more than a dish that everybody enjoys. Chennai, much like the versatile dish itself, has a gamut of biryani places that residents swear by. These places represent the fabric of Chennaites love for food. Despite the different styles of cooking it, presentation and taste, all these biryani places ensure that you utter the words ‘yumm’ at least once.

From internet memes to #FoodPorn posts on social media, biryani is a feeling that every south Indian harbours with so much reverence, it’s a dish that tops every occasion, and at any time. There’s never a wrong time to order (or make) that lovely melting pot of steamed rice with a meat of your choice infused with saffron, tomatoes, caramelised onions, ghee, and all the necessary spices.

Yaa Mohideen

The biryani here is legendary. Ask any Chennaite and they are sure to mention the iconic ‘Yaa Mohideen’ in Pallavaram. Other branches have opened up over time, but it’s always the original place that takes you by surprise even if you are a regular customer. Minimal and humble in its appearance, the biryani is fine, the meat pieces are tender and juicy, and the prices are modest. If you are in the mood to hog away some rice and chicken, then head to this biryani place and do enjoy the terrific brinjal masala and raita that comes along with it.

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