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Aujasya by the Leela: A Signature wellness programme!

Aujasya: Beneficial to strengthening vitality or energy!

Fitness is difficult to start with. In addition to the hours of workout, being in a calorie deficit diet is extremely difficult to keep up with at the beginning of our wellness journey. Most of the time, we fail to keep our diet because the healthy ingredients are not that tasty. But, what if we had a menu card of healthy food items that also taste delicious? That is exactly what the Leela Palace’s – ‘Aujasya by the Leela’ is aimed at. “Wellness programmes are mainly aimed at healthy eating. But with Aujasya we also offer tasty food,” said Sameer Bhargava, the Assistant Food and Bevarage Manager, The Leela Palace.

The program offers a 7 course meal with a welcome drink as well as a separate menu card for cocktails, that are also healthy. They start with a welcome drink, the traditional Nannari Sherbet, that acts as a natural appetizer. The second item on the Menu card was the Beetroot and Tomato thick soup which had curry leaf dust and walnuts as garnish. The soup was meant to be rich in Vitamin C, Potassium and Iron.

The Kiwi Camembert Salad made with Cucumber, toasted walnut, wild mint, honey and lemon dressing is given as an immunity booster. This fruit and vegetable salad will be really enjoyed by those who have a liking for leafy greens. The entrée called ‘Millet Magic’ was a creamy millet risotto which came with broccoli for vegetarians and roasted chicken for non-vegetarians. This dish really redefines wellness cooking as it has the milky creaminess of a Risotto, but at the same time there is no guilt of eating Carbs, as it is fully made of millets.

Similar to the entrée, the main course also comes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Made of red rice kedgree, the ‘Himalayan Earth Bowl’ has pumpkin seeds and roasted organic beets along with tofu for vegetarians and Salmon for non-vegetarians. This bowl is a typical health meal, as it is quite bland. The tofu/salmon is also raw, so only those who are used to eating them raw may actually be able to enjoy this dish.

The dessert is by itself called ‘guilt-free’ and is a bitter chocolate orange pave. The dessert is indulge-worthy as it really takes you to a different world, without any fear of calorie gain. Of course, the eater should be someone who eats Dark chocolate, as the dessert is majorly based on its bitterness. But, the pastry chef is to be credited for making such a wonderful guilt-free dessert.

Lastly, the Aujasya menu offers 10 different cocktails made of locally sourced ingredients. The Cocktails are all named after all things Chennai. The cocktail ‘Am No 4’ for example, is made of almond milk, black salt, cumin powder, mint, simple syrup and vodka. A mixture of these indigenous ingredients ensure that they give the consumer the benefits of alcohol, as it is added in small amounts.

It is to be noted that the Aujasya menu is available for those who stay at The Leela Palace, not only those who visit the place for a meal. It is also available as a buffet option, not just ala carte. Those who organise a wedding at the Hotel, can also opt for a Aujasya counter for the guests who are very mindful of their health. Lastly, the Aujasya menu is also available on Swiggy for delivery.

On the whole, Aujasya is your cup of tea, if you have a flair towards millets and healthy leafy greens. If you’re someone who eats bland millets all the time, then Aujasya will brighten up your life. But, for starters, who have still not exactly gotten the ABCs of a calorie deficit diet, this program would be a slightly difficult experience.

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