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Father Stabs Daughter to Death for marrying a Dalit!

Will it ever stop?

A 21-year-old girl was killed by her own father in Kerala on the day of her wedding. It was said that the father was unhappy with the fact that his daughter was marrying a boy from the Dalit community.

Athira is a girl from Malappuram was dating an army man Brijesh for a long time and was about to get married to him recently. On the eve of her wedding, her father P.Rajan got into an argument with her which lead to him stabbing his own daughter when no one was home.

Reportedly Athira had already eloped with Brijesh once. However, she returned home when her parents and relatives promised her to get married to her boyfriend. Though Rajan was reluctant to that, the marriage preparations were in full swing until he killed her.

Athira was taken to KMCT College Hospital, where the doctors declared her dead. The incident happened on Thursday, a day before the wedding ceremony.  It was said that Rajan was always against the idea of the marriage and that he had agreed earlier because of the police intervention.

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