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Couple Hide 1.29 Crores Under A Lot Of Upma; Luggage Seized At The Airport!


We come across various kinds of theft and smuggling, however, this is on another level. Two passengers comprising of a couple were flying to Dubai when they were nabbed by the airport security for carrying too much Upma. Later, it turned out that the duo was trying to smuggle out foreign currency worth Rs 1.29 crore by concealing them in hot cases. A senior airport security staff said that an immigration officer found the documents of a man identified as Nishant Y suspicious.

He said the immigration officer alerted the Customs authorities at the airport who ordered a repeat check of the man’s check-in luggage. He was booked on a flight to Dubai. “The bag contained a hot case with ‘upma’ inside. But, the weight of the eatable was more than usual and hence it was checked, only to reveal a black polyethylene having the US $86,600 and Euro 15,000 inside,” the official said.

After some time the immigration authorities alerted Customs officials about another doubtful passenger, identified as H Ranglani, travelling to Dubai on the same flight, the Indiatimes reported.

Her baggage was checked by CISF security personnel which led them to a hot case in her bag.

“This hot case, containing upma, was opened and foreign currency of US $86,200 and Euro 15,000 was found concealed in it,” he said.

The Customs officials are probing if the two cases are related, the official said.


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