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9 Restaurants That Remind You Of The Word ‘Madras’!

A walk down the memory lane

Reinventing Udipi

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For many, the New Woodlands Hotel holds fond memories; at one time it was one of the finest vegetarian dining experiences in the city. From idlis and dosas to cauliflower Manchurian and naan, New Woodlands Hotel has come a long way from the days of the tiffin carrier meal. Between the corporate executives who litter the booths, tucking in to their vegetarian thalis with gusto and the elderly couples revelling in good dosais that they didn’t have to make themselves – it’s clear that though nostalgia has its place, this is hub of today as well.  From their legendary channa baturas to their beloved cassata ice cream, New Woodlands Hotel is a great walk down memory lane, especially since the hotel is well maintained and service prompt.