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9 Restaurants That Remind You Of The Word ‘Madras’!

A walk down the memory lane

Chinese Whispers

liu's Waldorf JFW


Liu’s Waldorf is a Chennai-chinese institution. Nestled between Ramco Systems, a huge block of residential apartments and the IIT Madras campus, it’s easy to overlook Waldorf. Its unassuming exterior is a relic of times past, when enthusiastic IIT-ians made it almost exclusively theirs. With its small car park, and cosy, typical pseudo-oriental decor, it’s easy to underestimate Liu’s. After all, there are plenty of run of the mill options in Chennai, thriving on the hungry enthusiasm of the masses. But unlike the Noodle bars of today, Waldorf is a slice of history. Some of the customers have been eating there for over 25 years, savoring their big bowls of fried rice, noodles and soups.

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