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4 Ways To Potty Train Your Puppy!

This will help!



Avoid scolding or punishing your puppy when he makes a mistake. What works best is praise. Whenever the puppy pees or poops in his designated spot, give him a treat, pet him and use cue words for peeing and pooping and keep repeating these. My Labrador Retriever, Bonbon, pees on command because I trained her by always carrying treats with me. Now I just have to tell her to pee using cue words, and she does!

All pups are not the same. Some take much longer to get toilet trained. I have had pups who, when I take them out for a walk, are clueless about what to do. They are more interested in sniffing around, checking out all the sights and playing. You need patience…lots of it. Always take the puppy out immediately after a meal; chances are she will pee and poop. And, as mentioned earlier, give her a treat, as soon as she does her job. Soon, it will become a habit.

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