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This Is How You Walk Your Dogs!

Walk your pets right!

What do you do if you own a pet dog and live in a crowded area? As we all well know, in many areas of cities, pavements are either non-existent or sadly, many are just excuses for pavements. And unfortunately, many parks do not allow dogs.


 Dogs need exercise and they love walks. However, in cities, the space to take dogs for walks is shrinking. And, as responsible dog owners, you need to ensure your dog is leash trained.

If you have a dog, especially a large dog, then taking the dog for long walks is essential. Just like us, dogs need plenty of exercise; otherwise they could turn obese, which is bad for their health, or destructive because they need to channelise that extra energy somewhere. And that means they could destroy your slippers, newspapers, magazines, etc! And, most dogs love walks. Not only is it exercise, for them, it’s an opportunity to check out new smells, explore and even socialise with other dogs.

And, it’s not just about walks; pooches need to answer the call of nature too! Unless you live in an independent house with a compound, you need to take your dog out. In crowded neighbourhoods, this could be an exercise fraught with complications. If your dog takes a poop in the middle of the road or in front of someone’s gate, be prepared for an angry neighbour coming out and giving you a mouthful and an earful! You can’t blame them…and you can’t blame your dog!

During summers, it is scorching hot and taking your dog out for a walk when the sun is out is a no-no. He could get a heat stroke, get dehydrated or burn his paws.

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