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This Is How You Walk Your Dogs!

Walk your pets right!

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So, how do you overcome these obstacles? Regarding the call of nature, you could train your dog, when it’s a puppy, to do its job in the loo. But this means you will have to clean up your loo at least thrice or four times a day. It is much simpler if you could train your pup not to take a poop in the centre of the road. Take it to a designated area in your neighbourhood – it could be close to the garbage dump, or an abandoned spot or a deserted stretch of pavement. Train it to take a poop close to the wall and not bang in the centre of the pavement (if there is one!). Tough? Yes, it is, but with patience, a dog will understand and do its job in designated areas. I have trained my dogs to always poop on the side and they never do their job in the centre of the road or in front of someone’s gate. Carry a poop scoop, a plastic bag or newspaper. If your doggy does decide to take a dump in an inconvenient spot, it’s common courtesy to clean it up so that some hapless passer-by does not step into it.

Whatever else, your pooch needs its daily dose of exercise. If you have the time or the inclination, you could take it to a park or the beach every morning or evening for a half-hour to one-hour run. Alternatively, select a time when traffic is less in the neighbourhood – early morning or after 9 pm– and take your doggie for a long walk then. Remember to keep your dog on a leash; if a stray cat excites your dog, he or she may dash onto the road and get hit by a passing vehicle. And, never take your dog for a long walk in the afternoon or when the sun is up high. The dog could get dehydrated and it could be fatal.

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