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Here’s How You Could Help Your Arthritic Dog!

Make them feel comfortable!

Canine arthritis can be devastating and most us have no clue as to how to help a dog with arthritis.


I never knew arthritis could be such a debilitating condition for dogs until Hotdog, my Labrador, was diagnosed with it a few years back. Initially, there was some stiffness once in a way, but two years back, it started becoming quite severe. Now he has crossed thirteen and has a combination of arthritis and spondylosis – a combo that has really affected his mobility. He finds it difficult to get up or even lie down on his own, he is unable to climb up and down steps, he is shaky when he gets up and there are times he falls.

Arthritis affects a dog’s quality of life. Most dogs get it when they are older, but some even get it when they are younger. For older dogs, it is typically wear and tear of the joints. But, weight can also play a huge role; if your dog is overweight, he is at risk of getting arthritis.

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