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Here’s How You Could Help Your Arthritic Dog!

Make them feel comfortable!

Shower love and caring: Arthritis is a progressive disease and there is no cure. As your dog gets older, the condition is only going to get worse. As he becomes gradually immobile, he will feel helpless and anxious. Be patient because he will need help with getting up, lying down and sometimes even with rolling over and switching positions. Don’t shout at him or be impatient. He needs all the love and care he can get. As an owner, it is up to you to understand when your dog is in pain, or when he wants to answer the call of nature, etc.

Looking after a dog with arthritis is extremely challenging. But love, care and patience go a long way in making them feel secure. And if you give your dog regular massages and range of motion, give him his meds and exercise him, the condition can be managed, and your dog can lead a happy life.





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