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18 Common Things That Are Poisonous To Your Pet!

Keep your pets safe!

Not all items that are safe for us are safe for dogs. You need to know what is toxic for your fur baby…

Did you know that many of our household items could be poisonous to our pets? Not just items, but even foodstuff? Your dog could either get an upset tummy or throw up and some of these poisons can even be fatal. Remember, dogs are naturally curious, especially when they are puppies. They have the habit of sniffing around and many dogs have a fascination for plastic bottles. So, your household cleaners in plastic bottles could tempt a puppy looking for something to chew on.

Here’s a checklist of some of the stuff that can be toxic for your doggie.

  • Keep all cleaning liquids like floor cleaning solutions, bathroom cleaners, etc. away from your pet’s reach. They could give your dog an upset tummy, and if he gets to chew on your acid bottle, he could develop severe trouble.
  • Fertilizers can cause death for your dog. Keep it far away, preferably locked up. When treating your lawn or garden with fertilizers, herbicides, or insecticides, always keep your pet away from the area until the area is completely dry.

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