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This Is How You Walk Your Dogs!

Walk your pets right!

Leash training is very important


You need to ensure that your pup or dog is leash trained. This makes it easier for you to walk your dog. If the dog gets too excitable, then she tends to tug on the leash and get choked and ends up panting uncontrollably. Not only that, if you are not able to control your dog on a leash, she is going to pull you. If she is a big dog, she could tug and cause you to fall, or to let go of the leash. And then, if she is tugging because she’s seen a cat or another dog, she could run away, get hit by a passing vehicle or even get lost. Unruly dogs who are not leash trained could strain and pull and jump on passers-by. Ideally, if you have a big dog, you need a harness; it is much easier to control the dog on a harness. Never, ever use a choke chain. It’s downright cruel.

What you need to do is to train your dog from when she is a puppy to walk on the leash. Check out videos of leash training. Your dog should never pull you. Teach her to walk by your side; there will be no pulling, tugging, panting or unruly behaviour then!


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