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4 Ways To Potty Train Your Puppy!

This will help!




Once you are taking your pup out regularly or letting her out in the garden, if she does pee or poop in the house, you can admonish her by saying, ‘No, bad girl’. Please, NEVER rub your puppy’s nose in her pee or poop. You only instill fear in her.Never punish the puppy for indoor accidents. It will scare her and she could fear ‘toileting’ in front of you.Also, if you admonish your puppy hours after she has messed up, it is pointless. The puppy has no memory of having messed up. Only if you see her messing up can you admonish her!

As the pup grows older, his control will improve. That’s why you need patience. Once the pup has crossed six months, he will be able to hold on for longer and longer periods. Till then patience, routine and consistency is the key.





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