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4 Ways To Potty Train Your Puppy!

This will help!




Once you start taking your puppy for walks, establish a routine. It could be every time after she has had a meal or it could be morning, afternoon, evening and night. Stick to this schedule; it helps the puppy to establish a routine. During the first six months, you may have to take the puppy out more often since she will need to go more frequently. Slowly taper it down till you are taking her out three or four times a day.

Observe your pup carefully. When a pup stops playing and starts to look around for a ‘good spot’, he probably needs to answer the call of nature! By observing your puppy, you will quickly learn to tell the difference between when a pup is exploring his new world and when he wants to relieve himself. The more time you spend with the puppy, the quicker you can train him.

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